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Reason for closing Saturday December 4 2021

Many of you have asked about what happened Saturday Dec. 4 that prompted me to close the store. I don’t usually post personal things on my website but I felt I needed to share what happened with you, my other family.

Those of you who know my husband John and me, know how we feel about our dogs. They are our family. Our new rescue dog Leon was the most wonderful dog, kind, loving, smart and sweet. He was a joy for us. Lately we had noticed some neurological problems with him. He would have times when he would have an episode and not respond to anything. Watching it was very disturbing. We had made an appointment with a neurologist but couldn’t be seen until January.
Last week the episodes became very frequent and more excessive. 

Friday night I went to bed and he slept with me. He must have had an episode and he attacked me. There was no way I could have predicted this violent behavior. I needed to go to the emergency room and have 23 staples in my head.
We knew what probably needed to be done but after consulting with our vet and another, there is a condition known as Rage syndrome  and is very violent and unpredictable. No medication for that and the kindest thing to do is to put them to sleep. We made that decision and took him in. How our sweet lovable Leon could have changed so fast is so disturbing but we hope he is in a better place with no confusing episodes for him.

I am doing fine physically. 
So there it is. Sorry to burden all of you with my personal issues but I do think of you as family and my support group.